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The Best News from the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct

This direct, needless to say, has gotten everyone very excited. Personally, I couldn't have imagined this game looking as good as it does, both graphically and gameplay-wise. There was so much revealed that I just had to make a list of my favourite parts from the direct! And so, without further ado, here they are, in all of their amazing glory...

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Nintendo has announced Animal Crossing: New Horizons themed Switch and I’m excited

Nintendo has just released a special edition Animal Crossing: New Horizons themed Switch which comes in pastel colours and features the Nook family on its design. The console model will also have an improved battery life of 4.5-9 hours and includes a digital code for Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
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Top 10 Games of the Decade

Yes, I know that it's the end of January and I'm very late to jump on the bandwagon. Cut me some slack though, at the beginning of this month, I moved to the big city and started my first full-time job. I mean, with my hobbies including drawing, DND, and a (probably) unhealthy obsession with Toontown Rewritten, time is something that's been very hard to come by and these kinds of lists do take time...

Original art by Elizabeth Reedy for Toontown Rewritten:
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I’m an adult and ‘Toontown’ is more fun now than it’s ever been!

what if I told you that you can still play Toontown and it's better than ever? Turns out some dedicated fans had completely recreated the game just like how it used to be (minus the copyrighted wandering Disney characters) completely free-to-play and oh my god... the nostalgia is real!

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I’ve Discovered Gacha Games and There’s No Going Back

As someone who loves cute aesthetic, RPG's, and anime girls, you'd think that I'd have discovered the world of Gacha a long time ago - yet, my journey is just now beginning. After playing Nintendo's Dragalia Lost, my life has been overtaken and dedicated to collecting the best (and cutest) warriors I can get my hands on.


Why The First Shrek Is The Best In The Franchise

When I created a poll on Instagram last night asking my friends "Which Shrek is the best Shrek?" I had never expected to start a war. What soon followed was me being awoken in the early hours of the morning to cries of "How could you think Shrek one is the best one?!?!?!" and "Shrek Two is obviously superior!" Needless to say, this has now been a debate lasting all day and ruining more friendships than a game of monopoly. So, I am here to settle the argument once and for all and justify why Shrek one is the best film in the Shrek franchise. (This is a blog post I wrote for Buzzfeed in 2018)

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‘The Shapeshifting Detective’ Leaves Room For Improvement

The Shapeshifting Detective is a new game made by 'D'avekki Studios' (Creator of The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker). An FMV game, the player plays as - such as the title implies - a shapeshifting detective named Sam solving a murder case. This introduces an interesting mechanic: the ability to change into different characters in order to trick people into giving you more information. While this mechanic offers excitement into the gameplay, it is let down by a story that feels incomplete and slightly unsatisfying...